Project Title: Benchmarking the Challenge of 15-minute Cities in Europe
Funding Agency: International - EELISA
Project Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Hande Demirel (Istanbul Technical University)

Project Topic: 
The study was carried out as a part of the EELISA on-the-MOVE research activities, which is the urban transportation sub-working group of the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), that includes Istanbul Technical University. The research aims to benchmark the “15-minute city” concept with local decision-makers, conduct knowledge-based analyses of the districts, and determine the travel time for selected modes of transportation. Three international workshops were held in Budapest, Madrid, and Istanbul simultaneously. The workshops discussed the results obtained and the research plan for each city, which includes three steps. The first step involves exploring, analyzing, and providing solutions for local districts following the co-creation approach with local policy-makers.  The second step is to examine the Paris case study, which is the first example of a “15-minute city” . All local solutions was shared and discussed with international experts.  The third step is for each university to present their “15-minute city” proposals to local decision-makers again and co-design and co-implement the developed proposals.