Project Title: Development of a New Integrated Model for Building Information Modeling (BIM)-Based Registration of Condominium Rights
Funding Agency: Tubitak 1001_122Y325
Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tahsin Yomralıoğlu (Istanbul Technical University)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Doğuş Güler (Istanbul Technical University),
Prof. Dr. Bayram Uzun (Karadeniz Technical University),
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Haklı (Necmettin Erbakan University)

Project Topic:
The built environment is getting more and more complex with the rapid population growth and the insufficient urban sprawl. The complexity of the built environment causes various problems in terms of urban management. The reason for this may be the inadequacy of two-dimensional (2D) descriptions and depictions in the representation of cadastral Rights, Restrictions, and Responsibilities (RRR). Land Administration Systems (LAS) enable cadastral records to be carried out within the scope of land management. These systems are commonly based on the use of 2D representations and data, but these systems may be insufficient to completely record condominium rights in multi-storey and complex buildings. For this reason, in the context of three-dimensional (3D) cadastre, there is a need to improve LAS in a way that has the ability to represent the RRR related to condominium rights in 3D with their physical counterparts. In relation to the subject, there is an increasing interest in digitalization around the world, both to ensure that problems can be solved more easily and to improve existing systems. In this sense, there is an increasing trend towards automation in terms of improving building permitting, which is one of the important public services that has an effective role in ensuring the sustainability of the built environment. The mentioned automation can be made possible with BIM-based models. Because BIM enables to model buildings 3D and digitally, together with the semantics of the physical objects they have, with the events and actors that can take place in the entire life cycle of the buildings from the design stage to the management stage. The aim of the proposed project is to address the lack of an IFC and LADM integrated model that enables the most complete modeling of various physical and legal spaces in buildings that are the subject of condominium rights in buildings.