Project Title: Development of Building Information Model Based Fire Evacuation Simulation
Project Supporter:  TÜBİTAK – ARDEB – 1001
Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hande Demirel (Istanbul Technical University)

Project Main Topic:
The purpose of the Building Information Modelling Based Fire Evacuation Simulation (YBIMS) project is to virtualize the human behaviors, environment and process steps during a fire evacuation to improve the decision making process for fire evacuation scenarios. The project consists of four main stages: a) production of a three-dimensional Building Information Model (BIM), which includes geometric and semantic information required emergency management b) the spread of flame/fire and smoke is simulated where an integrated three-dimensional dynamic risk map and associated dynamic indoor navigation routes is modelled, c) behaviors and interactions of people during the evacuation process is modelled via spatial / non-spatial decision functions d) generating evacuation simulations under various what-if scenario by considering the dynamic changes caused by the disaster and the evacuation process accordingly. All these stages, methods and the conceptual model will be tested at the Istanbul Technical University, Civil Engineering Building. For the success of project, an inter-disciplinary team of experts will collaborate, where a detailed management plan and work plan are presented in the project.